Lice-Sense™ Nit Glue Dissolver/Enzyme Spray
Lice-Sense™ Nit Glue Dissolver/Enzyme Spray Lice-Sense™ Nit Glue Dissolver is an all-natural, enzyme-rich formula that breaks down the stubborn glue that binds nits to hair. Spray it on hair, wait 20 minutes, and the nits can be gently combed out of the hair. Available in 8 oz and 32 oz.
$14.99 and $29.99
Leave In Conditioner
Leave In Conditioner For continued prevention, use Louse Away, a 95% organic leave-in conditioning spray infused with natural essential oils famous for their anti-insect properties. Humans love it, bugs hate it! Use Louse Away as a wonderful conditioner after every shampoo or squirt it on your child's dry hair before school, sleep-overs, camp, etc. for extra protection. And though it may sound too good to be true, it's also highly effective against mosquitoes and all other insects!
Lice-Sense™ Oil
Lice-Sense™ Oil If live bugs are present, apply our Extra Strength Lice Killer and be amazed at how rapidly they die! Lice-Sense™ Extra Strength Lice Killer exterminates lice in seconds. This silicone based product works by suffocating the lice and is completely non-toxic. It utilizes optimized viscosity to clog the louse's breathing apparatus, so it doesn't rely on chemicals to which lice develop a resistance. Available in 4oz and 8oz.
$14.99 and $24.99
Metal Lice Comb
Metal Lice Comb The Nit Comb is the tool that professionals use. Its serrated teeth grind up the nits without damaging your hair. It can be boiled for sterilization, and it comes with a manufacturer's lifetime guarantee.
Louse Away Shampoo
Louse Away Shampoo Infused with peppermint and tea-tree oil to help prevent head lice. Keeps hair squeaky clean and lice free. Gentle enough to use on the whole family. 78% organic and sulfate free!


"Lice-Sense™" Nit Glue Dissolver / Cleaner / Deodorizer

INGREDIENTS: Active ingredients: A specially formulated broad spectrum of NATURAL enzymes (protease, amylase, cellulose, lipase) derived from innocuous yeast strains. FDA food grade ingredients. GRAS (FDA Generally Regarded As Safe) List Parts 184 and 186. This product is not a pesticide.

This all-organic biodegradable cleaner penetrates and emulsifies all types of organic matter on all surfaces. An environmentally friendly alternative to harsh cleaning chemicals, it is highly effective for cleaning all surfaces from tile, walls and floors, to carpets, rugs and upholstery.

This unique and highly effective product is specifically designed to clean and biodegrade organic stains such as blood, vomit, urine, waste, food and other such difficult stains.

Lice-Sense™ naturally attacks stains at first application then continues working to safely biodegrade the residual traces of these organic stains.

Especially effective on hard-to-clean surfaces such as tile grouting, corners, cracks and crevices where germs colonize, plus carpets and furniture where removal of organic stains is difficult.

The unique odor control action includes the absorption of odor molecules on contact, and replacement of offensive odors with a pleasant, refreshing fragrance. Use as a spray air freshener or cleaning solution. Effective on smoke, cooking, waste odors and other undesirable odors.

Lice-Sense™ naturally contains enzymes which are biodegradable and non-toxic. Pre-formed Enzymes are well suited for health care and food handling areas because they digest the host material where germs and odor causing bacteria live and reproduce, thus eliminating the source and the bacteria.

Pre-formed enzymes are also extremely useful in safely controlling fungus, mold, mildew and insects. While pre-formed Lice-Sense™ is not an EPA registered poison, this non-toxic cleaner (to humans and pets) works better, quicker and safer than dangerous, synthetic pesticide poisons.