Chelsea from Lansing, MI

I am writing to tell you what an AWESOME experience we recently had at your head lice removal salon. As a mom dealing with lice for the first time, it was quite overwhelming! Soon after I found out one of my kids had lice, I called your salon. My phone call was promptly returned and I was even able to get an appointment for later that day. After arriving at your salon, my children and I were greeted by a courteous member of your staff and we immediately noticed how clean the salon was. Corinn was very kind, friendly, patient, and professional. She explained the lice removal process and answered the MANY questions we had. Her thoughtful and thorough approach put all of us at ease.

We are extremely pleased with your services, as well as your wonderful staff. We now know who to contact should we have to deal with lice in the future. We would recommend your salon to anyone! Working with your salon was a great experience that was worth every penny. Thanks again for assisting our family with this difficult matter.

Fallon from Kalamazoo, MI

I am a 31 year old mom of a soon to be six year old girl and due with our second daughter in May. I wanted to say first of all how extremely happy and impressed by your company I am. Last year in May, my daughters preschool teacher called and said I needed to pick her asap because they had found head lice on her. My first thought was \"Oh my goodness, what am I going to do??\" I actually had two really big problems. The obvious one was the lice and how to get rid of them. The other concern was that this night was our rehearsal dinner. We were getting married the very next day!! Oh boy.

Well, it just so happened that my husband and I had just watched a clip of your business on our local news station. For some unknown reason, I had made it a point to write down the name of the company. So when I got this overwhelming news, I quickly googled Remedy Lice Boutique in Grand Rapids for the number. 

When I called your Grand Rapids location I got more bad news. I was put through to voicemail. I left a short and very panicky message. After maybe five or ten minutes I received a call back from a man. He said he had listened to my message and felt very bad and that his grand opening was the next day, May 19th. He said they were booked solid but he would see what he could do. I immediately lost it. I was balling. He asked why I was so upset. That's when I explained to him that tonight was my rehearsal and the next day I was getting married. He told me he would call me back.

He called back for the second time!! He told me he made a few calls and that they would meet me there in an hour. They were opening a day early just for my daughter and me!!! I was balling again. I was overwhelmed with relief.

When we got there, the man, his wife, and two employees were waiting. They were all incredibly nice, patient, and wonderful with my daughter. I loved them all and their hard work immediately.

I am sorry for such a long story. I just had to tell you all about my experience. We have actually been back twice since then. It seems having a child in school makes lice a very real occurrence to me. When I get that call or find them myself, I do not hesitate to call Remedy Lice Boutique in Grand Rapids.

The company you have started is such a wonderful and much needed one in my area!

Brittany from Grand Rapids, MI

After discovering one of my family had head lice for the second time this year, I jumped at the opportunity to bring them to Remedy Lice Boutique. The staff took the time to check each family member thoroughly, as well as, educated me on the many aspects of lice prevention. They were kind and considerate and helped my kids feel at ease while treating them. I wouldn't hesitate to recommend Remedy Lice Boutique in Grand Rapids to any family dealing with the pesky bugs!